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About Us

We started sewing for the Super Bowl.  We couldn't find a cute collar for our dog.  So we made one.  For him, and for every dog on the block.  


They got to be so popular, that we just keep making them, and then we started helping out our favorite dog charities, then voila!  Chuckle Hounds was born.  


We love what we do.  It's a fun project that gives us time to spend with our animals, and explore the great cities that we live in.  It's a great conversation piece.  At parties the "I make bow ties for dogs" answer to the boring "what do you do" question always gets people talking.  It's fun.  And we love it. it's hard to have a bad day when you make bow ties for dogs.


We hope you'll visit us often as we are always adding new styles and patterns.  And we love feedback, pictures and suggestions.  Let us know what YOU want to see!


If there's something you don't see… ask.  We have a million projects going on that don't make it to the site quickly.  Chances are if you want a harness, or matching item… we have it!


NOTE TO WHOLESALE CLIENTS:  We offer small business friendly pricing and low quantity minimums to support local shops and boutique purchasing styles.   Reach out to for more information.   

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